D. L .  (Devil’s Lettuce) Lodge

We are a group of patients that formed a Private Members Social Club.   Our “Cheers” like bar, without the alcholol offers a place for like-minded cannabis people to come together.

Devil’s Lettuce Idea

We noticed that a lot of people like to hang out at our events.  It seemed they liked to be around the same people that shared their same interested.  Imagine that!   We decided to create a MMJ Cardholder Lodge where people that were cannabis enthusiast would come together in one place.

We create the DL Lodge.  This 2200 inside square foot bar-like structure, has over 75,000 lot square footage. Giving the team at Errl Cup a place to hold mini events and have a place that people could gather at.

Devil’s Lettuce Opening

This Errl Cup Joint first opened after Errl Cup 2018.  We hold free medication days one Wednesdays and Thursday of every week.  Where dispensaries and their extraction, grow and edible partners come to the lodge to give patients samples of their latest medication.

Wednesdays are Patient Days at the Lodge.  Open at 4:00 pm, and closing sometime in the night.  Free Medication goes from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  All we require is that you post photo’s, videos or stories to your social media accounts tagging the featured vendors.

Thursdays are DA (Dispensary Agent) Days at the Lodge.  Open at 4:00 pm and closing sometime in the night.  Thursdays we cater to the DA by giving them a place to come to without patients around.  We understand dealing with patients every day, you need a place to come relax without any patient interaction.

Friday and Saturdays are open to any MMJ Cardholder in state or out of state.  Open at 4:00 pm till close, which like most bars varies.  We have entertainment in the way of bands, DJ’s, karaoke, and open mic night Friday nights.  Saturday Nights we hold game tournaments in Darts, Fooseball, MarioKarts and much more.